Rave was initiated when a director of the Non Profit Company heard about the senseless killing and de-horning of two female white rhino`s and a third female white rhino being de-horned and required immediate medical assistance at a small private game reserve in KZN.
The director approached managment of this Private Game reserve asking if they needed assistance with regards to the security of the Rhino and wildlife at the reserve.
An opportunity was seen to merge and upgrade conservation efforts with the reserves existing anti poaching units and with the assistance of four other directors that come from extensive military and police backgrounds and expertise then got together and started Rave in order to assist the private game reserves in protecting their rhinos and wildlife against the senseless killings , injuries and de-horning in their natural environment.
Since August 2014 Rave has been assisting Tala private game reserve with creating an Anti-poaching unit that functions 24 hours a day in the reserve in order to protect the rhino and wildlife.

Wildlife conservation through direct action

Anti-poaching ranger training
Conservation security plans
Anti-poaching operations
Wildlife crime information systems
Specialist technology and systems for anti-poaching operations
Field equipment procurement and supply


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